About Bridgend


Just outside the town lies Parc Slip, a huge nature reserve based at a former open cast quarry that boasts extensive wildflower meadows, rich wetlands and tranquil woodland, not to mention a host of local wildlife.

The reserve is home to a number of rare species of birds, amphibians and mammals, as well as the country's only venomous snake, the adder, and consequently attracts large numbers of naturalists and eco-tourists.

Bridgend has developed a thriving local music scene in recent decades, with many popular contemporary bands having started their live playing careers at one of the town's many music venues. From small converted pubs such as The New Angel Inn, The Railway Inn and Sapphires to major rock venues like Bridgend Recreation Centre and The Tollhouse, the town offers a large number of opportunities to see live bands most nights of the week. Even some of the town's sporting venues, most notably Brewery Field, have played host to concerts in front of thousands of fans in recent years.

A short hop from Bridgend itself is the South Wales coast with its fine sandy beaches, one the best of which is Coney Beach. This beach that stretches across a stunning bay is home to a plethora of good restaurants, outdoor cafes and amusement arcades, as well as a large funfair offering a range of white-knuckle rides.

Sport-lovers will find much to interest them in Bridgend, with several Rugby Union and Rugby League clubs from the town playing in the upper echelons of their relative leagues.